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Clad Rex, LLC is America’s most reliable, innovative manufacturer of vinyl clad metal and prepainted steel and aluminum coils, sheets and blanks. Our finishes enhance the beauty, durability, functionality, and value of our customers’ product surface performance. As the premier producer of vinyl clad (also called laminated or coated) metal (VCM) finishes, we offer a large and ever-expanding palette of attractive colors, patterns and textures. We can create the look and feel of vibrant and subtle hues, exotic woods, rich leathers, handsome marbles and other dramatic stones, warm fabrics and cool metallics. And, our customer service culture is best-in-class. Our team provides unparalleled customer support and we are proud to say that many customers call us their best vendor across all suppliers.

The durability and superior performance of our product is a result of vinyl clad metal’s multi-layer sandwich construction. Vinyl clad metal is comprised of multiple layers: a vinyl layer, an adhesive layer and the metal substrate. This creates a product surface that is generally three times thicker than powder or liquid coated metal and provides a structurally superior product to painted metal. Vinyl clad metal beats the alternative because it is:


  • Offers a much broader range of colors, patterns and textures than painted metal
  • Vinyl substrate allows for deep, rich patterns which can imitate leather or wood grain


  • Extremely resistant to scratches, abrasions, and fingerprints
  • Withstands harsh cleaning agents and endures daily wear and tear better than painted metal


Our precoated finishes are top-of-the-line, and will also benefit your company’s bottom-line. Our metal coatings expertise and resources can improve your product design, marketing and manufacturing. Let Clad Rex’s premium surfaces improve and differentiate your product from your competition. Upgrading to vinyl clad metal from painted metal can not only improve your product’s performance, it also offers many cost benefits:

  • Eliminates your in-plant painting and conserves or repurposes plant space
  • Superior surface performance allows for premium pricing
  • More economical in smaller quantities compared to painted metal
  • Faster production turnaround compared to painted metal