60+ Years of Industry Leadership

At Clad Rex, we are proud of our history of providing creative and innovative solutions to customers in a myriad of industries. In terms of quality, value, and variety, Clad Rex has been a leader in the metal coatings industry for more than 60 years.

We got our start applying woodgrain finishes to steel sheets for Motorola portable TV boxes. Back in the day, we also laminated woodgrain sheets for countertop microwave cases and furnished black vinyl film to metal for cable TV boxes. We also applied a thin orange film to steel for truck trailer panels.

Clad Rex then advanced to providing decorative laminated metal sheets for a number of diverse industries and end uses including drinking fountains, undercounter refrigerators, laboratory equipment, exterior commercial garage doors, medication cabinets, food service delivery carts, and wall and ceiling panels for the marine and architectural markets.

We are proud to say that many of our customers have been with us for more than 30 years, and we continue to add to our satisfied client family every day.

A Broad Array of Finishes

Clad Rex offers a huge and ever-expanding palette of vibrant colors and distinctive patterns and textures. Our laminates impart the look and feel of exotic woods, rich leathers, natural stones, warm fabrics, and cool metallics. These unique finishes enhance the appearance, marketability, and value of our customers’ products.

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, our films are highly durable and permanently bonded to their substrates.

A Focus on Quality

Clad Rex is committed to quality. It’s at the forefront of all that we do and the primary focus of every employee and every process. Our production employees are true craftsmen who take genuine pride in their work. A commitment to customer satisfaction and expert, courteous service and support extends throughout our ranks.

Prior to shipping, our goods are carefully inspected, and our packaging is of the highest standards. We work hard to ensure that our materials arrive in pristine condition at our customers’ plants on time to meet their production schedules.

And year after year, we’ve been honored to be named a top supplier by many of our customers, who share the same commitment to quality.

Responsive, Timely Delivery

Our cost-effectiveness is reinforced by our supply stability through decades-long relationships with qualified steel, aluminum, vinyl, paint, and other suppliers.

We carry substantial inventories of both film and metal with Class 1 quality. Just-in-time stocking programs enable us to synchronize shipments with our customers’ timetables, thereby avoiding costly production delays while minimizing cost of possession.

In addition, an array of metal shears supplements our laminating capabilities. We are masters at producing re-squared sheets and blanks, including small sizes and stringent dimensional tolerances.

Environmentally Responsible

All of our operations at Clad Rex are environmentally friendly. All water used in the laminating process is re-chilled and recycled with none going into the sewer. All metal and vinyl scrap is recycled as well. Our plant, equipment, and materials are in full compliance with all OSHA and EPA guidelines.

Clad Rex’s decorative laminated sheets are ecologically responsible and are fully recyclable. They are flame retardant, moisture resistant and can be cleaned with bleach or any household cleaner.

About our Company Name

“CLAD” and “laminated” are synonymous; “REX” is the Latin word for “king”.

CLAD REX – “Where our customers are treated like royalty!”

Headquartered in Chicago, Clad Rex’s central plant location offers quick, convenient logistics for customers throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. We can also ship to Central and South America, Europe, and Asia.


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