Vinyl laminated steel panels were used for the lower walls in this newly constructed café. Both durable and decorative, these panels were easily installed over drywall.

Woodgrain laminated aluminum was used for the ceiling grid and column covers. 

This is a typical application of Vinyl Clad Metal for panels in high traffic areas in a restaurant. Black Bison vinyl is a textured leather look for bottom wall panels near tables and chairs – very resistant to scuffs and scratches.

Sterling Royce vinyl was used for the bar panels and replicates the appearance of brushed stainless. Sterling Royce was also used for the backsplash area of the bar – it can be cleaned easily and has superior resistance to moisture. Clad Rex can provide a decorative, durable, and functional alternative to traditional millwork laminates.

Light maple wood grain vinyl creates an aesthetic contrast on the leg of this upholstered bench.

The bench leg was formed with 90° bends and notches. The vinyl does not delaminate from the metal after fabrication.

Picture One: Quandel Construction needed a durable product to cover a wood frame for an office overhang.

Picture Two: Clad Rex provided Obsidian Oak vinyl laminated to aluminum that was a close color match to the existing outer trim. Our laminated sheets were sheared and formed into 8’ U-channels for a custom fit over the existing wood and provided a quick installation.

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